1. Paul McCartney's real first name is James. He was named James Paul McCartney, but has always gone by his middle name.

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 He is left-handed and plays the guitar and bass left-handed as well. This contributed to the distinctive sound of his bass playing with The Beatles.

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 In addition to his musical talents, McCartney is a skilled painter and has exhibited his artwork in galleries.

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Paul McCartney is an animal rights activist and has been a vegetarian since 1975. He has advocated for animal welfare and has supported various organizations such as PETA 

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He has an asteroid named after him. In 2003, an asteroid discovered by astronomer Juan Lacruz was named "4148 McCartney" in honor of the musician 

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In 1969, McCartney recorded a secret Christmas album titled "Paul Is Live." Only three copies of the album were made, and they were given as gifts to his fellow bandmates John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.

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1. McCartney has an honorary degree from Yale University. He received the Doctor of Music degree in 2008 for his contributions to music and his humanitarian work.

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 He has composed several classical music pieces. McCartney has ventured into the realm of classical music and has written works such as "Liverpool Oratorio" and "Ecce Cor Meum," which have been performed by renowned orchestras around the world.

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