Two of the world's most high-profile innovation tycoons - Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg - have consented to battle each other in an enclosure match.

Image source:- Twitter

Elon Musk posted a message on his web-based entertainment stage Twitter that he was "up for an enclosure battle" with Mark Zuckerberg.

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Mark Zuckerberg, then, at that point, posted a screen capture of Elon Musk's tweet with the subtitle "send me location".

Image source:- CNBC

Mr Musk then answered to Mr Zuckerberg's reaction with: "Vegas Octagon."

Image source:- Encyclopedia Britannica

The Octagon is the opposition mat and closed in region utilized for  Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) sessions.

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Musk, who turns 52 not long from now, likewise tweeted: "I have this extraordinary move that I call 'The Walrus', where I simply lie on top of my adversary and sit idle.

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He additionally tweeted: "I never work out, with the exception of getting my children and tossing them in the air.

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In the mean time, 39-year-old  Zuckerberg has proactively been preparing in mixed martial arts(MMA) and has as of late won jiu-jitsu competitions.

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The trades have circulated around the web with virtual entertainment clients discussing who might win the session, while others have posted images including modeled banners publicizing the battle.

Image source:- US Weekly