LeBron James put down the balls this week and got a small bunch of Rihanna's pregnant paunch all things being equal

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The legend has been in France the beyond couple of days partaking in a little get-away during the Lakers' o

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While at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris - - he ran into his long-lasting companion, Rihanna.

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The two common a warm hug ... furthermore, at one point during the embrace, LBJ couldn't resist the opportunity to give a crush to the most renowned stomach on earth right now.

Bron palmed it like a ball for a few seconds - - and the "Work" vocalist was cherishing it.

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RiRi snatched James' hand and seemed to say thanks to him for a few kind words he was murmuring ... furthermore, it was every one of the a really sweet second.

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Obviously, the meetup was only one of numerous paramount events LeBron's had the chance to encounter this week.

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he was able to feast with Draymond Green only a couple of days earlier - - and he even got some serious commendation for the 'fit and barbecue he shook to the LV show.

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