New Power Dynamics: Spider-Man's inclusion would introduce a character with unique abilities and powers to the Justice League, adding to their overall strength and versatility. 

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Enhanced Agility and Reflexes: Spider-Man's spider-sense, along with his incredible acrobatics and reflexes, would make him a formidable asset during combat situations, allowing him to dodge attacks and react swiftly.

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Enhanced Intelligence: Peter Parker's scientific brilliance would contribute to the team's problem-solving capabilities, offering new perspectives and innovative ideas when faced with challenging situations.

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Street-Level Expertise: Spider-Man's experience dealing with street-level crime would provide the Justice League with insights into criminal organizations and help them tackle local issues more effectively.

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Team Chemistry: Spider-Man's youthful energy and quick wit would bring a refreshing dynamic to the Justice League, fostering camaraderie and banter among team members.

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Tactile Communication: Spider-Man's spider-sense can alert the team to impending dangers, enabling faster response times and coordination during missions

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Technological Collaboration: Spider-Man's expertise in engineering and gadgetry, such as his web-shooters, would lead to collaboration with the Justice League's resident tech experts, potentially enhancing their collective technological capabilities.

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Learning from Batman: Spider-Man's intelligence and detective skills could benefit from Batman's expertise, as they both share a passion for solving mysteries and fighting crime. 

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