Anti-Trump Republican Larry Hogan Announces His Senate Vote Won’t Be Guaranteed for GOP

Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has promised in a new ad that if he becomes the first Republican elected to the Senate from Maryland in over 40 years, neither Republicans nor Democrats can count on his vote automatically.

“In the Senate, Republicans can’t count on my vote,” Hogan said in the ad released on Tuesday. “But then again, neither can Democrats.”

“If they want my vote, they will have to do what is right for Maryland, not just for one political party. That’s exactly what I did as your governor, and it’s exactly the kind of senator I’ll be.”

This is Hogan’s second ad for the general election after winning the May 14 Republican primary.

His first ad called for nationwide protection of abortion rights, which is different from the usual Republican stance and aims to counter what Democrats hope will be a major issue in the race.

The new ad, called “Right for Maryland,” is part of a $1 million ad campaign by Hogan’s team. Hogan, 68, has a history of criticizing former President Donald Trump and has said he wouldn’t vote for Trump, the likely Republican nominee, in the general election.

Hogan will compete against Democratic Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks for the seat currently held by the retiring Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.). Maryland last elected a Republican to the Senate in 1980. Even if Hogan comes close, it would show strong support for the GOP nationwide.

Democrats currently hold a 51-49 majority in the Senate but must defend 23 seats in the upcoming election, including three held by independents who usually side with them.

Republicans only need to defend 11 seats. The GOP sees potential wins in West Virginia, Montana, Ohio, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

While Hogan is considered an underdog in Maryland, GOP leaders believe he is the best candidate to flip the seat despite his anti-Trump stance. In 2018, a Democratic wave year, Hogan won re-election as governor by nearly 12 percentage points.

Maryland supported President Biden over Trump by 33 percentage points in 2020. If Alsobrooks wins, she would be the first Black senator from Maryland and only the second female senator from the state after Barbara Mikulski.

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