Joe Biden’s D-Day Address Falls Short of Ronald Reagan’s Legacy

Joe Biden’s recent trip to France revealed two key things: he’s not like Ronald Reagan, and he seemed to lack patriotism. During his visit, he also diminished historic heroes by using them to criticize Donald Trump and House Republicans. Traditionally, American presidents avoid partisan attacks while abroad, but Biden didn’t follow this rule. Despite his … Read more

Elections Strengthen Right Wing Parties, Bringing Fresh Perspectives to European Parliament

Elections in 27 countries for the European Parliament concluded on Sunday, with early projections indicating a strong performance by Right Wing Parties. This outcome, if confirmed, signifies a powerful expression of voter sentiment and a shift from the political mainstream. The election results suggest a changing tide for Europe’s political landscape. The new composition of … Read more

Impeachment, Not Praise, is What AG Merrick Garland Deserves

Merrick Garland is not a typical attorney general. He is currently refusing to give Congress audio recordings of President Joe Biden’s interviews about the president’s mishandling of classified documents. This is despite a congressional subpoena demanding these tapes. The Department of Justice (DOJ) is blocking Congress while prosecuting the Republican presidential candidate for the same … Read more

Trump Leads in 5 Key States, as Young and Nonwhite Voters Show Discontent With Biden

Donald J. Trump is ahead of President Biden in five important states, showing strong support among registered voters in Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Biden leads only in Wisconsin. Among likely voters, the race is closer, but Trump still leads in five states, with Biden slightly ahead in Michigan and only narrowly behind in … Read more

Christianity will Perish if Christians Don’t Do This

Christianity isn’t just something people believe in. It’s a big part of how they make decisions and what they believe is right or wrong. It helps shape what people believe, what rules are made, and how society acts. But nowadays, Christianity is facing more problems than ever before. To keep it strong for the future, … Read more