At First Rally Since Conviction, Trump Promises Tax Break for Hospitality Workers in Vegas

At his first rally after his trial, Donald Trump promised a big benefit for workers in the hospitality industry if he’s re-elected.

He said he would remove taxes on employee tips.

The crowd cheered loudly at this announcement.

Trump also criticized President Joe Biden and called his recent immigration order “nonsense.”

He said Biden’s policies at the border are not working.

The rally was held in Nevada, where the minimum wage for tipped workers will increase soon.

Trump’s promise to remove taxes on tips was welcomed by many at the rally.

Supporters of Trump came from all over, showing their enthusiasm for him.

Some said they were voting for the first time because they believe the country needs a change.

Others praised Trump’s policies on the economy and foreign affairs.

Overall, Trump’s promises and criticisms resonated with his supporters at the rally.

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