Battle of Brandy Station Anniversary

The anniversary of the Battle of Brandy Station is June 9. On that day in 1863, during the Civil War, a significant battle took place and lasted a little over half a day.

Today, the American Battlefield Trust has preserved more than 2,000 acres of the battlefield where the Battle of Brandy Station, also known as the Battle of Fleetwood Hill, occurred.

Read on to learn more about this important Civil War battle.

Battle of Brandy Station marker

1. What Was the Significance of the Battle of Brandy Station?

The Battle of Brandy Station had a big impact on the Gettysburg Campaign, which was the main Confederate army’s invasion of Pennsylvania led by Robert E. Lee.

This battle happened about a month after the Battle of Chancellorsville, which took place from April 30 to May 6. That battle in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, was a Confederate victory, even though they were outnumbered.

The Battle of Brandy Station ended with the Union troops pulling back.

The Union learned from this battle and used the experience to achieve success later in the Civil War.

This battle happened about a month before the Battle of Gettysburg, which many consider the turning point of the Civil War.

The Battle of Gettysburg ended in a victory for the Union.

Battle of Brandy Station illustration
The Battle at Brandy Station was the largest cavalry battle in United States history.  (Archive Photos/Getty Images)

2. How Many Cavalry Clashed at Brandy Station, Virginia?

About 19,000 mounted soldiers fought during the battle, according to the National Park Service.

This was the largest one-day cavalry battle in U.S. history, according to NPS.

The Confederate cavalry was led by Gen. J.E.B. Stuart, while the Union cavalry was under the command of Gen. Alfred Pleasonton.

Battle of Brandy Station
The Battle of Brandy Station lasted 14 hours June 9, 1863.  ( Matthew Brady/Buyenlarge/Getty Images)

3. How Long Was the Battle of Brandy Station?

The Battle of Brandy Station began and ended on the same day, June 9, 1863.

The battle lasted 14 hours, and the fighting happened near the town of Brandy Station, Virginia.

This was the first fight of the Gettysburg Campaign.

4. Who Won the Battle of Brandy Station?

The winner of the Battle of Brandy Station is not clear, according to the American Battlefield Trust. There were an estimated 1,299 casualties—866 from the Union and 422 from the Confederacy.

While the Confederates had a tactical victory, the battle gave the Union the momentum and strength for the rest of the war.

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