British Woman Says She Won $70 Million in The Lottery, Then The Truth Came Out

A TikToker with the username Elbell820 made a viral stir with a video apparently announcing her $70 million lottery win.

Elbell820 joined Timothy Schultz to discuss the fascinating story behind this media frenzy.

The winner clarified that her viral video was a spontaneous and unplanned event: “I needed to get this out, I need the universe to hear my plan, my intentions.”

Elbell820 said that he had not premeditated the claim of a lottery prize in his video. He just came up with it spontaneously and decided to go with it.

“I wasn’t thinking about what I was going to say beforehand. I literally pressed the camera, walked up to the screen, sat down, and started muttering.”

When asked about the content of the video, he reiterated that the “gain” was an intentional manifestation, not an actual event.

However, the media, including some newspapers, misinterpreted the video and reported it as if the lottery win actually took place.

“That’s crazy to me. None of the newspapers reached out to check the facts,” he explained.

She believed she made her intention clear, using hashtags like ‘ask, believe, receive’ and was shocked by how the story was biased.

Even though the media got her story wrong, she felt positive about the whole situation.

“It’s great to me that the word has gotten out. People see it, say my name and think ‘wow, she won’.” So she’s just coming out,” she commented.

Elbell820’s TikTok video racked up over a million views and many comments, some congratulating her, others offering advice, while some were either skeptical or outright negative.

“It’s crazy how much social media gets to you. Hearing bad things over and over again is bad enough,” he reflected.

One surprising aspect of the entire episode was the number of people who came up to her and asked for money.

“Why would hundreds of people be sending me money messages if I wasn’t a millionaire? I’m in the moment to feel it,” she said.

Elbell820 admits he feels a bit bad for giving people false hope, especially since his video ended with an offer to ‘buy’ his followers something.

“I just assumed my existing followers knew my humor. I feel bad for saying that, because if someone got their hopes up, that wouldn’t be good.”

Regarding his video going viral, he said: “I went to bed and had like 300 likes in a short space of time. I woke up and had between twenty and thirty thousand. It was mind-blowing. But at the same time, nothing had changed. “.

Elbell820’s story serves as a reminder that social media and online content can take on a life of their own, creating narratives and sparking conversations in unexpected ways.

And while the journey has been unusual, she remains positive, maintaining her belief in manifestation, and looking forward to what the universe brings next.

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