Impeachment, Not Praise, is What AG Merrick Garland Deserves

Merrick Garland is not a typical attorney general.

He is currently refusing to give Congress audio recordings of President Joe Biden’s interviews about the president’s mishandling of classified documents.

This is despite a congressional subpoena demanding these tapes.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is blocking Congress while prosecuting the Republican presidential candidate for the same crimes.

The Hur tape, which has already been released, shows that Biden lied about it. There is even less reason to withhold the audio now.

It seems that the DOJ edited the transcript to clean up Biden’s speech, making him appear forgetful. Holding back the audio is politically motivated.

Garland has been one of the most biased attorney generals in recent memory.

While Garland raided Trump’s home over classified documents, he let the statute of limitations run out on corruption charges against Biden’s family.

When left-wing protesters targeted Jews, Garland was still warning about MAGA extremists using misleading statistics.

Garland did nothing to stop illegal protests at the homes of Supreme Court justices, even after an assassin targeted Brett Kavanaugh.

But he sent armed teams to raid pro-life families and prosecuted elderly protesters for praying outside clinics.

While Democrats talk about saving democracy, the DOJ is suing red states like Texas to overturn abortion laws.

The DOJ restarted censorship efforts under the guise of stopping foreign interference and targeted Elon Musk with new investigations.

Garland also formed a task force to investigate parents protesting COVID-19 restrictions and school curriculums.

This was despite no specific threats being detailed, and the only purpose was to intimidate parents and chill speech.

Even the case against Hunter Biden, often used to show Garland’s fairness, is a sham.

The DOJ wanted to give Hunter Biden an immunity deal for multiple offenses, including failure to register as a foreign agent, bribery, and corruption.

This deal was only stopped because of whistleblower testimony and a judge’s intervention.

Garland claims he is defending democracy against attacks and conspiracy theories. However, most criticisms of his work are legitimate.

Treating criticism as an attack on the judicial process is wrong.

If the system worked properly, Garland would be impeached. Instead, Democrats use the legal system to punish political enemies. Garland is a leader in this effort.

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