Electric Cars Emit More Particulate Pollution

Electric cars emit more particulate pollution due to greater tire wear. California’s plan to ban gasoline cars by 2035 overlooks this fact, claiming it’s to reduce particulate emissions, but it might not work. To get federal approval, California claims it “needs” this ban to prevent harm to public health from particulate matter—airborne particles like dust, and dirt.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, New gasoline cars are clean, emitting only 1% of particulate matter in California, mainly from older models. Most particulate matter now comes from tire wear, not tailpipes. Electric cars aren’t “zero emissions” as they use electricity, which generates pollution, and still wear tires made from petroleum.

California’s analysis wrongly assumes all cars have the same tire wear. Electric cars, being heavier due to batteries, emit more particulates. Yet, California pushes forward, ignoring this reality. Since electric cars don’t have tailpipes, California refers to them as “zero emissions vehicles.” That is misleading. Particulate pollution is produced during the electricity generation process for those vehicles, and tyres, which are still necessary component of electric cars.

The EPA also overlooks tire wear differences, showing a bias towards electric cars. This raises questions about their motives. Because batteries store significantly less energy per pound than liquid fuels, electric automobiles have a 15% to 30% higher weight. Even though the weight differential between petrol and electric cars haven’t changed much in the last ten years, the only trend that makes sense to anticipate is that as battery sizes expand to increase range, electric cars will become heavier.

Electric cars, often pricey, exclude middle and lower-income citizens. This shortsighted push for green energy neglects long-term efficiency and disregards the needs of everyday people. Before California can establish emissions standards for cars, it must obtain approval from the EPA. However, don’t count on seeing scientific integrity in action. The EPA’s emissions model incorrectly assumes the same tire wear emission rate for all vehicle fuel types, disregarding weight differences between gasoline, diesel, flex-fuel, CNG, and electric vehicles.

Politicians, driven by self-interest, push their agenda, ignoring the real impacts on citizens. Their actions resemble totalitarianism, not democracy. The truth is clear: electric car promotion is flawed, and politicians must be held accountable for their misguided policies.

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