Gov. Greg Abbott: Biden’s Executive Order Increases Illegal Border Crossings, Misleading Americans

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says President Biden’s new plan to handle the border crisis is actually making things worse.

The White House recently announced a new rule to control the number of people crossing the border.

If more than 2,500 people cross the border each day for a week, the rule will temporarily stop non-citizens from entering.

This rule will stay in place until the number of people crossing drops below 1,500 per day for a week.

Abbott believes this new plan will attract even more people to cross the border illegally. He told Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures” that there is no real enforcement to stop people from crossing.

He thinks the plan is just a way to make it look like the government is doing something when it’s not actually helping.

Some critics say President Biden’s move is political, meant to address criticism about his handling of the border before the November election. Abbott and others argue that this plan will only encourage more non-citizens to try to cross the border.

Abbott said, “He’s not doing anything to actually secure the border.

In fact, it’s the opposite because he’s actually allowing more people to cross the border illegally.” He thinks the rule won’t stop anyone because there are no real measures to enforce it.

Since Biden took office and rolled back some of the previous administration’s border protections, there have been over 7 million migrant crossings.

Republicans have been critical of Biden’s approach to the border since the beginning of his term.

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