Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán Opposes NATO Support for Ukraine

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, often criticized by Western liberal elites, has announced that Hungary will not support any NATO actions to help Ukraine.

Orbán, who is sometimes called “autocratic” and “far-right,” has said that Hungary will opt out of NATO plans that involve military or financial aid to Ukraine.

He believes that NATO and the European Union are pushing for a direct conflict with Russia.

Orbán stated on Hungarian state radio that Hungary does not support NATO’s plan to give more predictable military help to Ukraine.

He added that Hungary does not want to participate in providing financial or arms support to Ukraine, even within NATO’s framework.

Orbán emphasized that Hungary will not be a part of any potential NATO operations to assist Kyiv.

He mentioned that Hungary needs to redefine its role in NATO, ensuring it remains a member but does not participate in actions outside its territory.

Orbán also highlighted NATO’s role as a defensive alliance and said he does not share the concerns of some neighboring countries about continued Russian aggression.

He argued that it is illogical to think that Russia, which is struggling against Ukraine, could suddenly threaten the entire Western world.

Hungary has consistently refused to supply military aid to Ukraine. In an interview with Kossuth Radio, Orbán said Hungary’s position in NATO is now being termed “non-participation.”

He explained that Hungary’s lawyers are working on how the country can remain in NATO without taking part in its actions outside NATO territory.

Orbán stressed that NATO should not get involved in wars outside its territory with non-NATO countries.

Orbán has often disagreed with the European Union on matters requiring consensus among its 27 member countries.

He questioned the continuous supply of weapons and money to Ukraine and warned that the current actions in Brussels and Washington are preparing for a potential direct military conflict, which he described as preparation for Europe to go to war.

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