Hunter Biden Trial: A Scheme to Shield Joe and the DOJ

The Hunter Biden gun case isn’t just about holding the president’s son accountable.

Some people see it as a political move to protect prosecutors and his father, the president.

The case distracts from bigger issues like corruption.

While there are interesting details about Hunter Biden’s life, like his struggles with drugs and relationships, the case isn’t really about that.

Even if Hunter is found guilty, he might appeal using a pro-gun Supreme Court ruling.

But this case wasn’t supposed to happen.

The Justice Department and FBI ignored evidence of Hunter’s wrongdoing for years.

Whistleblowers exposed how federal law enforcement protected the Bidens.

The current trial seems like a way to make the Justice Department look better, with Hunter facing a friendly jury.

Another case against Hunter in Los Angeles is similar, focusing on his spending rather than his connection to his father’s business.

The real issue isn’t about Hunter’s personal problems, but about the Biden family’s international influence and efforts to hide it.

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