Later NBA Draft Picks to Keep an Eye On

The NBA Draft sleepers for 2023 are an intriguing group of players who have been flying under the radar during the draft process. These individuals may have been overlooked due to various reasons, such as their age or the roles they played in college. However, being a sleeper can be advantageous, as it often means the player is underestimated and has the potential to exceed expectations.

Throughout NBA history, there have been numerous examples of players who were overlooked in the draft but went on to have successful careers. The Miami Heat, in particular, have demonstrated their ability to find hidden gems and develop them into valuable contributors. The team’s success with undrafted players highlights the importance of finding the right fit and creating a positive environment for player growth.

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While some players in the upcoming draft may not become superstars, their potential for long and impactful careers should not be underestimated. The draft provides an opportunity for teams to discover hidden talent and for players to prove themselves at the professional level. It’s always exciting to see which sleepers emerge and make a name for themselves in the NBA.

Sleepers NBA Draft 2023

In the 2023 NBA Draft, there are several players who have the potential to outperform their draft projections and make an immediate impact in the league. Despite teams often favoring younger prospects, these players who have spent multiple years in college have developed skills that are well-suited for the modern NBA game.

While they may not receive as much attention as the top prospects, these sleepers possess skill sets that make them valuable assets for any team. They are versatile and possess the ability to contribute right away without requiring extensive development. Their availability in the later stages of the draft provides teams with an opportunity to acquire talent at a reasonable cost.

Although they may not have the same level of hype surrounding them as other players, these sleepers could prove to be valuable additions to NBA rosters. Their abilities align well with the style of play in today’s game, making them potential plug-and-play options for teams looking to bolster their roster. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to the top five sleepers in this year’s NBA Draft class.

5. Jordan Miller – F, Miami

Coming in at number five on our list of potential second-round picks to watch in the 2023 NBA Draft is Jordan Miller, a forward from Miami. Known for his relentless hustle and never-give-up attitude, Miller is a player who always gives his all on the court. He dives for loose balls, sacrifices his body, and excels as a slasher and finisher, showcasing his ability to score both below and above the rim.

Miller is a true competitor who makes impactful plays on both ends of the floor. He can push the tempo and create fast-break opportunities, as well as showcase his playmaking skills by setting up his teammates. Additionally, he possesses a beautiful fadeaway jumper and is an outstanding rebounder for his position.

While Miller may not have the star power of an All-Star, he is a winner who consistently does the little things necessary for his team to succeed. His tenacity and dedication to doing whatever it takes to compete make him a valuable asset for any team. Keep an eye out for Jordan Miller as he looks to make his mark in the NBA.

4. Traycee Jackson-Davis – C, Indiana

Trayce Jackson-Davis has been making waves as a potential late-first round pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, and it’s well-deserved recognition. His standout skill is his rebounding ability, which ranks among the best in his draft class. Additionally, he is an impressive athlete who excels as a rim runner, posing a constant lob threat and capable of posterizing even the most dominant rim protectors in the league.

While his offensive game may have some limitations, it is not a major concern moving forward. Jackson-Davis possesses the physical tools to have an immediate impact in the NBA. Although he could improve his free-throw shooting, he already demonstrates better ball-handling skills compared to the average big man in today’s game.

Overall, Trayce Jackson-Davis has the potential to become a valuable asset for a team in need of rebounding prowess and an athletic presence in the paint. With his combination of skills and physical attributes, he is poised to make a significant impact at the professional level.

3. Keyontae Johnson – SG/SC, Kansas State

Keyontae Johnson gained attention under troubling circumstances when he collapsed on the floor in 2020 due to a heart inflammation. Despite the setback, he remained determined to pursue his NBA career and transferred from Florida to Kansas State. Johnson’s resilience and skill earned him a spot on the All-Big 12 First Team.

Before his health incident, Johnson was projected to be a first-round pick. However, the incident and subsequent missed developmental years may give scouts pause. At 23 years old, he is slightly older than other prospects, which could impact his draft stock. Nonetheless, Johnson possesses a fierce competitive spirit and demonstrates the ability to score from various positions on the court. He is also capable of guarding multiple spots, although his decision-making skills may not be considered elite.

While the health scare and developmental hiatus may raise concerns, Keyontae Johnson’s talent and determination make him an intriguing prospect. Teams willing to take a chance on his abilities and potential could find themselves with a versatile player who can contribute both offensively and defensively.

2. Jaime Jaquez Jr. – SF, UCLA

Jaime Jaquez Jr. may not possess exceptional athleticism, but he is considered one of the top sleepers in the 2023 NBA Draft. Despite being older than many prospects, Jaquez has consistently improved throughout his college years, and this upward trajectory bodes well for his transition to the professional level.

Jaquez stands out with his impressive footwork and the ability to change pace and direction effectively, showcasing his high basketball IQ. While his style of play might be reminiscent of the 80s, he brings a modern touch to the game. Additionally, he surpasses the average player in his position when it comes to rebounding, demonstrating his valuable contribution on the boards.

Although he may not have the same level of athleticism as some other prospects, Jaime Jaquez Jr.’s growth, basketball intelligence, and solid rebounding skills make him an intriguing sleeper pick. His ability to adapt and improve throughout his college career suggests that he has the potential to carve out a successful professional career in the NBA.

1. Bilal Coulibaly – SF, France

Bilal Coulibaly is not only considered the most underrated player in the 2023 NBA Draft class but also has the potential to become one of the greatest steals in draft history. While much attention has been focused on his teammate Victor Wembanyama, Coulibaly has made significant strides and has the potential to emerge as a legitimate two-way superstar.

One of Coulibaly’s notable assets is his impressive physical attributes, including his size, wingspan, and overall frame. He already possesses NBA-level defensive skills and will continue to develop as he matures physically. Moreover, he displays a strong understanding of the fundamentals of the game. While his offensive game is still a work in progress, he has shown glimpses of consistent and efficient scoring from various areas on the court.

Additionally, Coulibaly brings valuable experience from competing against grown men and professionals, which could aid in a smooth transition to the NBA. As he continues to rise in draft rankings, there is a possibility that he could even secure a spot in the lottery, further highlighting his potential as a highly sought-after prospect.

Bilal Coulibaly’s combination of physical tools, defensive prowess, offensive potential, and valuable experience against seasoned players make him a standout sleeper in the 2023 NBA Draft. With continued development, he has the opportunity to exceed expectations and establish himself as a significant steal for the team that selects him.

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