20 Reasons Why Men Are Not Pursuing Marriage Anymore

1) They think the institution of marriage is BS.

2) They Say they hate paying for freedom.

3) “Happily ever after” makes their roll your eyes.

4) Men These Days hate the wedding industry.

5) Fear of divorce: Concerns about the potential financial and emotional consequences of divorce are making men hesitant to marry.

6) Negative past experiences: Previous failed relationships or marriages are making men wary of getting married again.

7) They have seen men around them getting screwed in family courts.

8) You know marriage is hard work (and They’re not willing to put in the effort).

9) They say they dont wanna play a losing game.

10) High divorce rates: Widespread divorce statistics are leading men to opt out of institution of marriage.

11) Rising cost of living: Men are having difficult time finding a job that can support te entire family.

12) Stories of cheating haunt them at night.

13) They now realize marriage jokes are all too real.

14) They are still traumatized by your parents’ divorce.

15) Low tolerance for drama.

16) They don’t want to be taken advantage of

17) They don’t want to be in financial ruin. A “regular” wedding costs at least $30,000. Therapy costs $250/hr. Legal fees can cost up to $100,000.Then there’s alimony.

18) They don’t see the point of staying married if the love is gone.

19) Lack of role models: Growing up without positive marriage role models are contributing to a lack of interest in marriage.

20) Child custody issues: Worries about potential custody battles in the event of divorce are becoming a significant deterrent.

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