Michael Cera’s Slap On Rihanna Has ‘No Regrets,’ He Claims

Micheal Cera

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Michael Cera revealed some interesting details about his personal life and experiences in the film industry.

One notable revelation was his marriage and divorce pact with Aubrey Plaza, indicating a unique agreement between the two at one point.

Additionally, Cera shared his thoughts about a specific scene in the 2013 movie “This Is The End,” where Rihanna slaps him.

According to Cera, he and Rihanna had discussed the scene before filming it. In the scene, Cera’s character playfully slaps Rihanna’s butt while she is talking to Jason Segel, which leads to her retaliating by slapping him in the face.

Cera’s character then responds with a humorous line, telling Jason to “shut the f*ck up” because they are playing a game.

As part of the storyline and agreement, Rihanna agreed to the scene and getting to hit back in response. The behind-the-scenes details shed light on the collaborative nature of creating such moments in films.

In the interview, Michael Cera shared his thoughts on the slap scene with Rihanna in the movie “This Is The End.” He expressed that he believed it would look better if she actually hit him instead of using a fake slap.

According to Cera, it didn’t take much convincing to get Rihanna on board with the idea, as she understood the comedic effect it would have.

In the final take of the scene, Rihanna’s slap actually made contact with Cera’s ear, which disoriented him momentarily.

However, Cera stated that he had no regrets about the scene and fortunately didn’t experience any hearing loss as a result.

If you’re interested, you can watch the Rihanna and Michael Cera slap scene from the movie by following this link.

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