RFK Jr. Says He Changed His Mind About Full-Term Abortion: ‘It’s like killing a child’

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talked about how he altered his view on abortion after learning about the rates of elective late-term abortions. Kennedy shared his thoughts on his changing stance during an interview with comedians Shane Gillis and Matt McCusker.

He mentioned that he appreciated the comedians’ acknowledgment of his openness to modifying his platform based on new information. Kennedy emphasized that he is open to reconsidering his beliefs when presented with factual evidence.

He stated that he cannot be swayed by name-calling or criticism but is willing to change his mind if proven wrong about his assumptions. Kennedy cited his shift in perspective on abortion as an example of this willingness to revise his views based on new insights.

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared on “Fox & Friends” at Fox News Channel Studios in New York City. He discussed his previous stance on abortion, stating that he believed it should always be a woman’s choice until the very end of pregnancy. However, he began to reconsider his position when he realized the prevalence of late-term abortions, even in the ninth month of pregnancy.

Kennedy admitted that he had presumed no woman would choose to abort a nearly full-term fetus, but he discovered that it does happen more often than he thought. Reflecting on this new information and considering the government’s role in protecting human life, Kennedy started to question his beliefs.

He acknowledged that at that stage of pregnancy, the baby is fully formed and viable, prompting him to recognize the state’s interest in protecting the unborn child. Kennedy mentioned that his family holds differing views on abortion, influenced by their Irish-Catholic background.

“My family disagrees on this matter — some support the right to life, while others support the right to choose,” Kennedy stated. “I have been a prominent advocate for medical autonomy and freedom of choice in the country.”

He emphasized his belief that women should have the ultimate decision-making power, but he also acknowledged that when it comes to a fully developed baby, the state has a role in protecting that life.

Kennedy’s change of opinion occurred after his recent appearance on “The Sage Steele Show,” during which he faced questions about his stance on abortion. He debated with Steele regarding late-term abortions, asserting that they are uncommon and often involve special circumstances.

While President Biden’s campaign strongly supports abortion rights leading up to the 2024 election, they distanced themselves from Kennedy’s remarks about full-term abortions. “No, the president doesn’t back abortions up to full term, as he’s said many times. He believes Roe v. Wade made the right decision,” stated Lauren Hitt, a senior spokesperson for the campaign.

Kennedy’s position on abortion has been unclear for some time — last year, NBC News reported that he supported limiting abortions to 15 or 21 weeks into the pregnancy. His campaign later clarified his stance, suggesting he misunderstood the question, stating in a release, “He does not support laws that ban abortion. The Kennedy campaign has not yet provided a clear stance on when abortion becomes unacceptable during pregnancy.”

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