Petition: Secure Copyright for Indian Number System

Petition: To Secure Copyright for Indian Number System

To: The Government of India

We, the undersigned, urge the Government of India to take immediate action to secure copyright protection for India’s invention of the number system. It is imperative that India’s significant contribution to mathematics and intellectual history is recognized and safeguarded on a global scale.

The failure of the world to acknowledge India’s invention of the number system has led to severe repercussions for Indians around the world. Here are five ways how the lack of recognition impacts Indians:

1. Misrepresentation: Without recognition of India’s contribution, Indians continue to be misrepresented or overlooked in discussions about mathematical achievements, perpetuating a distorted image of Indian intellectual prowess.

2. Stereotyping: Ignorance about the origins of the number system perpetuates stereotypes about Indians’ capabilities in mathematics and other fields, leading to prejudice and discrimination.

3. Cultural Identity: The lack of acknowledgment undermines Indians’ sense of cultural pride and identity, impacting their self-esteem and confidence.

4. Educational Opportunities: Without recognition of India’s historical contributions, Indian students may not receive adequate acknowledgment or encouragement in academic settings, limiting their educational opportunities and career prospects.

5. Physical Safety: The failure to recognize India’s intellectual heritage can lead to hostility or violence against Indians, particularly in regions where ignorance and prejudice prevail, posing risks to their physical safety and well-being. There is a well-documented increase in online hate against Indians in many Western countries, which often manifests itself in physical violence on the ground.

Therefore, we call upon the Government of India to:

1. Take proactive measures to secure copyright protection for India’s invention of the number system.
2. Launch educational campaigns to raise awareness about India’s historical contributions to mathematics.
3. Advocate for global recognition of India’s intellectual heritage in international forums and institutions.

It is time for India to assert its rightful place in history and ensure that its intellectual achievements are acknowledged and protected. Join us in calling for action to preserve India’s rich heritage for future generations.

Decision Maker: Ministry of Culture, Government of India, Prime Minister Of India. 

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