Spotify Executives Call Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Lazy ‘Grifters’ After Deal Ends! – Story Buckle

On Friday, surprising news emerged regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their deal with Spotify.

The couple’s $20 million partnership with the streaming platform has come to an end, although the exact circumstances surrounding the termination remain unclear.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Called Lazy 'Grifters' By Spotify Executives After Deal Ends!
Image credit – Hindustan Times

While some sources close to Harry and Meghan suggest that they were seeking to explore other opportunities beyond Spotify, others claim that it was the streaming giant that decided to part ways with the Sussexes.

According to insiders, the company expressed dissatisfaction with the high cost associated with producing a single podcast.

Despite the success of their debut show, “Archewell Audio,” which garnered significant attention, it appears that the financial investment was deemed excessive for a single podcast.

Similar rumblings were heard in 2021 when there was a year-long gap in content following the initial deal.

Based on these reports, it seems more likely that the decision to end the partnership originated from Spotify rather than from Harry and Meghan themselves.

Following the news of the Spotify partnership ending, Bill Simmons, a prominent sportscaster and the head of international sports content at Spotify, shared his perspective on his own podcast.

As someone closely connected to podcasting and Spotify, his insights are noteworthy.

Simmons criticized the Sussexes, referring to them as “lazy” and suggesting that they had taken advantage of Spotify without delivering on their end of the deal.

He even humorously proposed a satirical podcast titled “The F**king Grifters” in reference to their alleged lack of productivity.

The accusation of being “lazy” is not new to Harry and Meghan. They have faced comparisons to the Obamas, who, within two years, released “The Michelle Obama Podcast” and “Renegades: Born in the USA,” a series featuring Barack Obama engaging in meaningful conversations with Bruce Springsteen. These comparisons highlight the contrasting perception of productivity between the two couples.

It’s understandable to question why Harry and Meghan didn’t produce more content considering the significant amount of money involved.

While the specific dynamics of their partnership with Spotify are not publicly known, it’s important to consider that creating podcasts involves more than just showing up and talking.

Developing engaging content, coordinating with guests or experts, and ensuring quality production all require time, effort, and creative input.

As for the suggested podcast ideas, such as double dates with other celebrity couples or educational discussions with environmental experts, they could indeed have been interesting concepts that could have resonated with audiences.

However, it’s ultimately up to Harry and Meghan to decide the direction they want to take with their projects, considering their own interests and passions.

Regarding Bill Simmons’ comment, opinions on whether he is right or not may vary.

It’s worth noting that his perspective reflects one individual’s viewpoint and does not necessarily capture the full picture of the situation.

Different factors, including contractual agreements, personal choices, and creative considerations, can influence the outcome of any professional collaboration.

Ultimately, the success or failure of a podcast or any creative endeavor is subjective and depends on various factors and audience preferences.

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