The Biden Administration to Halt The Approval Process for New Gas Export Terminals, Blames Climate Change.

The Biden administration has decided to temporarily halt the approval process for new gas export terminals, Blames Climate Change

President Biden has decided to put a temporary stop to approving new facilities that export liquefied natural gas (LNG). He wants to “carefully” study how these projects might affect the climate, the economy, and national security before giving them the green light. The decision came after Texas Governor refused to comply with supreme courts decision regardsring illegal immigration. Biden Admin Gave 24 Hour Ultimatum.

What Biden admin actually says about the Ban on Gas.

This decision might pose a challenge for a massive $10 billion project in Louisiana, which could be the biggest export terminal in the country. Environmental concerns have been raised about this project.

Biden’s choice is seen as a victory for climate activists who want the government to reduce the use of fossil fuels to combat climate change. Even though burning gas is cleaner than coal, the process of getting and transporting it can release harmful greenhouse gases.

Over 150 scientists urged Biden to reject the Louisiana project. The United States has become a leader in LNG exports in just eight years, with many terminals already operating and more under construction.

The oil and gas industry criticized Biden’s decision, saying it benefits Russia and hurts American allies. They argue that increased gas shipments from the U.S. to Europe and Asia help reduce the reliance on coal.

Some politicians, like Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, think this decision might be in Russia’s favor. However, 100 European lawmakers supported Biden’s move, saying it’s essential to reevaluate energy needs.

The White House mentioned that exemptions would be considered for cases of immediate national security emergencies. The decision to delay one particular project, known as Calcasieu Pass 2, received support within the White House because the U.S. is already exporting a significant amount of gas, and more capacity is planned for the future.

Climate activists welcomed the decision, canceling a planned protest. They see this pause as a significant step by a U.S. president to limit the expansion of fossil fuels and protect the environment.

The review process, led by the National Laboratories, will likely take several months, extending beyond the upcoming November presidential election.

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