Where Are the World’s Biggest Lottery Winners Now?

The infographics show has collected many stories about lottery winners that will amaze and surprise you. Some are inspirational, while others will make you cringe at the thought of winning such a huge sum.

For example, in 2019, Wisconsin’s Manuel Franco became one of the biggest lottery winners in US history, winning an astonishing $768 million.

However, his newfound fortune also made him the target of an alarming number of scams, mirroring a pattern of fraudulent activity experienced by other lottery winners.

Franco, a former Target employee, fell victim to identity thieves, who manipulated his identity to trick others into handing over their personal information and money.

Reports have indicated that many victims lost thousands of dollars in these scams, believing they were getting a generous share of Franco’s winnings.

One victim explained, “I was sent a message saying I was to receive $50,000 from Manuel Franco. I was tricked into giving my driver’s license number and SSN. I fell for it, and I Really worried about what they might do.”

Another man described how he was first asked to send $200 to ‘activate’ his winnings, followed by a request for $3,000, supposedly for the IRS to get its share of the $50,000.

The victim, pushed to desperation by the financial strain of the COVID-19 pandemic, regretfully complied with the demands.

Franco, only 24 at the time of his victory, was a man of modest means. His initial financial goal was to save $1,000. His life took a dramatic turn when he bought a lottery ticket at a Speedway gas station near Milwaukee.

He recalled that he felt unusually lucky that day and was overjoyed when he won $4 of the initial numbers drawn. As more of his numbers were called, he realized he had won the jackpot, so filled with joy that he admitted it could have alarmed his neighbors.

Determined not to become another cautionary tale of lottery winners who lose it all, Franco plans to use his winnings wisely.

He intended to take leave and meet the expenses of his family members’ education.

Despite his desire to remain anonymous, which is not permitted by law, Franco chose to face the media and then retreat from the public eye.

His lawyer advised him to complete the required media appearance and then keep calm.

Following the media attention and ensuing persecution, Franco was forced to relocate.

His story serves as a sobering reminder of the unexpected consequences of sudden wealth, raising awareness of the dangerous scams that can follow such high-profile lottery wins.

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