Georgia Lottery TV Ad: There’s a Man Beneath This Moving Pile of Cash


Check out this epic custom prop costume created for a Georgia Lottery TV commercial – a walking pile of money! Constructing it was no piece of cake, let me tell you.

Although the money pile stood at just 3 feet tall, it consisted of over a thousand individual blocks that formed the costume. To keep it lightweight, around 1,200 foam blocks were specially crafted for the job. These blocks were then covered with fake money on all sides, giving it a realistic appearance.

While this clever design reduced the overall weight, it was the most time-consuming part of the entire construction process. The team had to ensure every block was perfectly wrapped in fake money, leaving no corners unturned. After all, this costume was meant for close-up shots and had to look sharp!

Despite the intricacy of the costume, it ended up weighing less than 20 pounds. This made it super easy for the actor to wear during the two days of filming the TV commercial. Talk about comfort and style!

So, the next time you see a walking pile of money on your TV screen, remember the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into bringing it to life. The Georgia Lottery certainly knows how to make a splash with their commercials!


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