Trump Renews Support for SC Rep. Nancy Mace After Previously Calling Her ‘Terrible Candidate’

South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace has received an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, despite his previous criticism of her.

Trump praised Mace on Truth Social, calling her a “Strong Conservative Voice” for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District.

He highlighted her efforts in securing the border, strengthening the military, supporting veterans, upholding the law, and defending the Second Amendment.

Trump urged voters to support Mace in the upcoming primary, giving her his “Complete and Total Endorsement.”

Previously, Trump had criticized Mace, especially after the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot, when she called for holding Trump accountable.

He did not endorse her in the 2022 midterm elections, labeling her as a “terrible candidate” and “disloyal.”

Mace also made comments perceived as critical of Trump’s supporters and was one of the Republicans who voted to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

In January 2024, Mace endorsed Trump for the 2024 presidential election, and he returned the favor in March.

Mace stated on social media that while she doesn’t agree perfectly with any candidate, it was time to unite behind Trump.

A recent Emerson College/The Hill survey showed Mace leading her main GOP primary opponent, Catherine Templeton, but not reaching 50% support.

If she does not secure at least half the vote in the primary, she will face a runoff on June 25 between the top two candidates.

Mace’s representative, Gabrielle Lipsky, emphasized Mace’s strong support for Trump and dismissed any attempts to undermine this support as deceitful.

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