Was There a Failed Plot to Assassinate Zelensky?

On May 7, there was an assassination attempt on Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky by high-ranking Ukrainian officers. Unlike similar incidents involving leaders like President Joe Biden or Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, this event received minimal media coverage and investigation.

The Ukrainian State Security Service (SBU) claimed, without evidence, that Russia was behind the plot, intending it as a gift for Putin’s inauguration. Two colonels in Ukraine’s State Protection Service were charged with treason and one with aiding in preparing a terrorist act.

Their mission was reportedly to find operatives close to the president who could take him hostage and kill him. Other high-ranking officials, like Vasyl Maliuk and General Kyrylo Budanov, were also targets.

Following this, Zelensky dismissed Serhii Rud, the chief of the State Protection Service, though he wasn’t directly accused of involvement. Rud was close to one of the arrested colonels, Andrei Guk.

The claim of Russian involvement, while unproven, raises questions. Russia’s need for help to locate Zelensky, who frequently travels publicly, and the necessity of delivering drones to agents within Ukraine seem odd given Russia’s capabilities.

Whether this was a Russian plot or an internal coup attempt, it highlights significant issues in Ukraine. If Russia was involved, it shows deep infiltration into Ukraine’s military.

If not, it indicates internal dissatisfaction and chaos. The assassination attempt exposes a troubled situation in Kiev, with Russian forces gaining ground and Ukrainian troops struggling.

Zelensky, committed to reclaiming all Ukrainian territory and refusing negotiations with Putin, now faces the first known internal assassination attempt. This situation underscores instability in Kiev and possibly explains the limited media coverage.

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