Andre Ward Would Like to See Tyson Fury Fight Both Jon Jones And Francis Ngannou, But Doesn’t See Either happening Now

Andre Ward, a former multi-time world champion and current boxing analyst, expressed his interest in seeing Tyson Fury face both Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou in combat sports. However, Ward believes that before engaging in such matchups, Fury should first return to the boxing ring and face contenders.

Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champion, recently signed with the PFL (Professional Fighters League) and is expected to have a boxing match before his promotional debut in 2024. Ngannou has expressed his desire to face Fury in the ring. On the other hand, UFC President Dana White has respectfully challenged Fury to a fight in the octagon against current heavyweight titleholder Jon Jones, aiming to determine the true “baddest man on the planet.”

Andre Ward

The potential matchups between Fury, Jones, and Ngannou have generated considerable interest and speculation within the combat sports community. Fans eagerly await the outcome and the possibility of witnessing these exciting and highly anticipated battles in the future.

During an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Andre Ward shared his thoughts on the potential matchups involving Tyson Fury, Jon Jones, and Francis Ngannou. Ward expressed his personal preference to see both matchups take place, acknowledging the promotional tactics of UFC President Dana White in promoting his fighters.

Ward understood the perspective of MMA fans who questioned the sudden change in White’s stance but recognized the promotional nature of the sport. He also conveyed his respect for Jon Jones’ skills as a fighter and expressed interest in seeing a matchup between Jones and Fury. Additionally, Ward mentioned his intrigue in a fight involving Francis Ngannou.

Ward’s comments reflect the excitement and interest generated by these potential matchups, as fans and pundits continue to debate and speculate on the possibilities within the combat sports world.

Since his return to the ring in December, Tyson Fury has been involved in negotiations for potential matchups with fighters like Francis Ngannou, Jon Jones, and Oleksandr Usyk. However, as of now, no concrete agreements have been reached. Despite the speculation surrounding these potential bouts, Andre Ward doesn’t envision Fury taking on either Ngannou or Jones in the near future.

Ward believes that while Fury might entertain the idea of a lucrative exhibition bout like Floyd Mayweather did, he is primarily focused on his boxing career and trying to navigate the landscape of the sport. Fury has encountered challenges in securing fights within the boxing realm itself, and Ward emphasizes that Fury should prioritize his boxing endeavors rather than venturing into MMA at this time.

The statement reflects Ward’s perspective on Fury’s current situation and his belief that Fury should concentrate on his boxing career, given the difficulties he has faced in finding suitable opponents within that domain.

Andre Ward acknowledges the frustration within the boxing world regarding Tyson Fury’s absence and the desire for him to announce his next fight. Ward suggests that instead of immediately pursuing MMA matchups, Fury should focus on getting back into the boxing ring and delivering a fight that fans are eagerly anticipating. Ward suggests potential matchups like a fight against Anthony Joshua to reignite the excitement surrounding Fury’s boxing career before considering other ventures.

The discussion surrounding Francis Ngannou’s free agency and his potential involvement in boxing matchups has been a significant topic in the MMA community. Negotiations have included the possibility of Ngannou participating in boxing bouts alongside his MMA career.

Ward has observed Dana White’s reactions to the situation, which seemed to undermine Ngannou’s legitimacy since their separation. Nevertheless, Ward commends Ngannou and his team for successfully navigating his career path and achieving favorable outcomes.

Andre Ward appreciates Francis Ngannou’s approach to handling his situation. He acknowledges that when a fighter breaks away from the traditional path or demands more in negotiations, it often leads to criticism and misconceptions. However, Ward admires how Ngannou has remained composed and focused throughout the process, even when deals fell through. Ngannou’s perseverance ultimately led him to secure the desired contract.

Ward views Dana White’s actions and comments as mere distractions, considering them to be insignificant background noise. He recognizes that despite any reservations or negative opinions, Ngannou is on the verge of a significant payday. Ward emphasizes that Ngannou’s financial success is inevitable, regardless of any criticism or skepticism.

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