Scarlets Star Archie Hughes has everyone excited and he’s about to get his big chance

(Image: Huw Evans Picture Agency)

Archie Hughes is generating a lot of excitement among those associated with the Scarlets and Welsh rugby at the top level. Despite the current pessimistic atmosphere surrounding Welsh rugby, particularly regarding the development pathway, there are several players within the Wales U20s squad who are highly regarded and expected to become successful international players. Hughes, the talented scrum-half from Pembrokeshire, is one such player.

Even in the midst of a disappointing Six Nations campaign for Wales U20s, which resulted in a whitewash, Hughes showcased his exceptional abilities. At just 20 years old, he has drawn comparisons to a young Dwayne Peel due to his precise passing, ability to identify gaps, explosive speed, and astute game management skills. His performances have not gone unnoticed, as he consistently catches the eye of those observing his play.

Despite being behind Gareth Davies and Kieran Hardy in the scrum-half hierarchy at the Scarlets, there is a strong possibility that Archie Hughes will have the chance to start as the first-choice scrum-half at the beginning of next season. With the experienced duo likely to be absent due to their involvement in the Rugby World Cup, Hughes has set his sights on seizing the opportunity and aiming for the number one spot.

Hughes expressed his goal of becoming the starting scrum-half for his region, regardless of whether Davies and Hardy are present or not. He understands the importance of making the most of any opportunities that come his way and intends to prove that he is capable of performing at that level. Hughes is eager to showcase his skills and demonstrate that he is more than capable of thriving in a starting role.

Archie Hughes acknowledges the valuable learning experience he gains from training with experienced scrum-halves Gareth Davies, Kieran Hardy, and former player Dwayne Peel. He considers it a pleasure to work alongside them and appreciates the insights and knowledge they share with him on a daily basis. Hughes is committed to putting in extra effort after training sessions, often with Gareth and Kieran, to further enhance his skills.

Despite the challenging pool draw for the World Rugby U20s Championship in South Africa, where Wales will face New Zealand, France, and Japan, Hughes remains undeterred. While many have written off their chances, he remains focused on the tournament and sees it as an opportunity to prove the doubters wrong. Hughes, along with his Welsh teammates, is determined to give their best performance and showcase their abilities on the international stage.

Wales boasts a talented group of players, particularly in the backline, who have the potential to make an impact in the tournament. Archie Hughes, along with players like Dan Edwards, Louie Hennessey, and Cameron Winnett, form a formidable lineup that can pose a threat to their opponents.

As Wales prepares to face the Junior All Blacks in their opening match, Hughes expresses confidence in the team’s ability to cause damage. He believes that their backline, which showcased strength and skill during the Six Nations, can be a potent force in the upcoming games.

With their talented players and a focus on utilizing their dangerous backline, Wales aims to make their mark in the World Rugby U20s Championship and prove their capabilities on the field.

The anticipation for the World Rugby U20s Championship is palpable among the Welsh team. They are eagerly looking forward to showcasing their skills and playing with confidence on the international stage. Their objective is to score remarkable tries, just as they did during the Six Nations tournament.

Archie Hughes, having previously visited South Africa with the Scarlets, is excited about returning to the country to compete in the World Cup. For any young rugby player, participating in a World Cup is a tremendous honor and a dream come true. Hughes considers it a privilege to represent his country and play alongside his teammates, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the experience and cherishing the camaraderie on the field.

The combination of excitement, confidence, and camaraderie fuels the Welsh team’s motivation as they prepare to embark on their World Cup journey. They are determined to make the most of this incredible opportunity and create lasting memories together.

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